Wireless Security

Wireless Alarm Systems.

Do you live in a unit or town house?

Running wires in a unit or town house with limited access to cavity walls or roof space if any can be messy, labour intensive and sometimes its just not feasible.

Do you rent your home?

And want to not only protect your home and personal safety now but to take your system with when you move house.
If you answered yes to either of the above than wireless is for you.

Wireless options

Wireless alarm systems can be either a purely wireless system like the Ness R16 or a hybrid system consisting of both conventional hardwired compondents through most of the house and wireless devices in areas where running cable is not desirable.
Wireless alarms really come in to their own in situations like a unit where running wires into solid core walls is simply not feasible or a heritige townhouse where bringing wires down from the top floor to the ground floor can be both labour intensive and not considerate to the design of the home. Going wireless opens up a whole new world of flexibility and security to these situations.
One of our advisers can access your exact situation and recommend an appropriate system to not only fit your home but your lifestyle.

Ness R16 Wireless Alarm System.

The Ness R16 is a new and unique fully self-contained radio control panel.

The panel has a built-in keypad for programming and user operation, a built-in piezo siren, built-in LCD display, built-in radio receiver, built-in battery backup and built-in dialler.

The R16 supports up to 16 Ness radio PIRs and up to 14 Ness Radio Keys. All Ness supervised and encrypted radio devices are supported. There is even a Doorbell feature with selectable tunes when used with the Ness Radio Doorbell transmitter.

In addition to the 16 radio zones, the R16has 1 hardwired zone and 1 hardwired tamper input.

The built-in piezo siren provides high volume audible warning. The R16 also has Siren and Strobe outputs for additional hardwired noisemakers.

The built-in dallier allows for central station monitoring as well as audible monitoring to any telephone. The user can also dial into the system for remote arming and disarming over the telephone line.

Hybrid Alarms


Hills Reliance Hybrid Hardwired/Wireless Alarm System.
The Hills reliance brings sophisticated security with an economical appeal.
Capable of supporting virtually any of the powerful expander modules from the Networx family including wireless receiver modules to X10 automation and even GSM back up.
The Reliance expands the universe of options available to the smaller system user giving you the best of both worlds a syphisticated hardwired system with wireless features for areas where its not feasable to easily run cable and giving you ease of use features like remote keyfobs and control from your phone or tablet.
With all these options available and more the Hills reliance system is one of the most versatile and adaptable systems on the market today.
106-285Portable alarms
The Ness Securityguard 3 brings self contained wireless and portability to another level, click here for more info
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