Annual Fire Safety Statement

All around Australia, Building Owners, Agents and Managers are responsible and accountable for the maintenance of essential fire safety measures and fire order compliance. The following must be achieved in order to comply with these obligations.

  • Engagement of a Competent fire Safety Practitioner.
  • Ensure that the CFSP is a certified FIre Safety Assessor
  • Essential services must be installed and maintained to specific standards.
  • Annual Fire Safety Statements must be completed, displayed, lodged with the council and the fire brigade.
  • Maintenance records must be kept on the premises.
  • Certification of Compliance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulations.
  • Certification of Compliance with the relevant BCA.
  • Certification of Compliance with the relevant Australian Standard.
  • Certification of Compliance with AS1851 maintenance schedules.
But Fire Safety does not need be a headache rather if you engage a company with the care and expertise to get it right for your building not only does it make compliance easier and prevent financial penalties but ensure asset protection and more importantly occupant safety after all it is your obligation to provide a safe building for the occupant and user.
Future Safe has responded to this complicated task and makes it easier for building owners, agents and managers meet their essential service responsibilities. Our assessors have decades of experience in the fire industry in NSW and the CFSP inspecting your premises will be a certified Fire Safety Assessor.

Future Safe are committed to providing long term maintenance of essential service as proved by our extensive experience in the fire protection industry, and constant research to improve the quality and standard of our services.

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