Ness M1 Cross Platform Controller

Unlike panels that may be strong in automation but weak in security (or vice versa), the M1 boasts a rock solid security foundation with the most imaginative and powerful automation functionality available.

End users will welcome the quality and futuristic capabilities of the tochscreen keypads, the apps for both apple, android and windows phones and tablets. The 500+ word vocabulary pleasantly announces system status, configurable in any sequence to alleviate user intimidation.

The M1 offers the flexibility to integrate industry standard systems and components for easy upgrades and system expansion.

Ness M1

Advanced apps, remote control and monitoring software
The M1 software is not only powerful in both control and customisation it is also amazingly easy to use.
Powerful “Whenever/And/Then” RULES Programming allows almost any imaginable operation

You can create any rule for the M1 to follow by simply telling it:

Whenever:: X happens Then Do: Y AND: If Z Happens Than Do: B

For Example you could create a rule which says: If it is 8pm on a Wednesday or Friday and we are not in the garden turn Sprinklers on But if it has Rained do not turn sprinklers on.

Security. Comfort. Convenience.
Ness M1 offers comprehensive security and home control solutions that enhance your surroundings and fit your lifestyle.
  • Full range of detection and reporting capabilities
  • Flexible and integration friendly
  • Expandable to meet your needs today and in the future

Reduce Energy Cost.  Increase Comfort.
Ness M1 energy management solutions provide control and scheduling capabilities for lighting, climate control and more.
• Control lights and thermostats based on schedule, occupancy and more
• Control water supply for gardens sprinklers, water tanks and more

Smart Solutions for Business
M1 provides convenience and simplicity with integrated security, energy management, access control and more.
• Automatic arming based on schedule, occupancy, etc.
• Entrance control for up to 16 doors
• Monitor temperature sensitive equipment such as server rooms and adjust the temperature automatically

Control is Always at Your Fingertips
Get timely access to information and simple user friendly control with a variety of user interfaces to keep you informed and in control
• A variety of functional keypads to fit your style
• Control on the go with PC software and apps for iPhone, iPad android and windows devices.

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