Back to Base Monitoring


These days the only person who will take notice of a siren is the criminal and that’s why you need the guaranteed response that only back to base monitoring can provide.

We offer alarm monitoring and response services for client’s of all sizes. Our total service solution of sophisticated alarm monitoring, highly skilled operators and customised security response services make us a reliable choice for your protection.


Future Safe Security & Fire uses a A1 graded monitoring centre which complies with Australian Standard AS2201.2, to monitor all alarm activation’s for both domestic and commercial clients.


What does A1 graded mean?
Monitoring centres (control rooms) are graded based on their internal security, monitoring system integrity and their response times. Building services including generators and construction are graded from A to C,whilst operation, staff and equipment are graded from 1 to 3. Therefore, a monitoring centre graded at A1 is most resistant to attack, natural disaster and has the best performance.
Many insurance companies specify in their T&Cs that the monitoring centres used by their clients, must be A1 graded to ensure optimum security.

What does this mean to you?

We know a situation can turn from bad to worse in a number of minutes – so we react promptly. When your alarm is received, your customised response plan is put into action, this makes us the reliable choice for your personal safety.

Using the right back to base monitoring provider also may help you reduce your insurance premiums. Please check with your insurer for full details.

How much?
Our monitoring rates offer the best value for money around, for both residential and commercial premises its only $1 per day +gst. With no hidden charges whatsoever and that includes supervised open and closes, and if required guard responses are only $69.

Why Pay More?  With FutureSafe you not only receive the best possible service but get the best possible price.
That’s real security for all Australians.

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