Perimeter & Sensor Lighting

LEDFloodlight_RangePerimeter security lighting controlled by sensors offers the dual benefits of safety and security for both residential and commercial premises.

For your home they can be a welcoming light when you or visitors come over as well as deterring any intruders.
For commercial premises it can be a essential security system helping to protect vehicles and plant as well as helping security see around the premises at night and helping to get a better picture for your CCTV.

Perimeter security lighting can be an obvious LED flood lamp or stylish lights of your choosing.  A sensor activated by motion or when it gets dark can even be fitted to control your existing outdoor lighting.

LED Emergency lighting with built in sensors

EMG lights with sensors

LED Emergency lights with sunset and movement sensors built in

LED Emergency Lighting can now also be controlled by sensors, the lights in a carpark or stairwell could be set to be at 15% brightness when dark and unoccupied but when the inbuilt sensor detects movement or loses mains power, the fitting will be switched to 100% brightness, this feature not only saves energy but maintains a safe environment as the occupant can see ahead beyond the reach of the sensor at a lower illumination level.

We have seen sites save over 50% on their lighting electricity usage as well as completely eliminating maintenance costs for tubes etc by switching to these new style LED fittings with sensors built in.

Occupancy sensors are also a great idea to save energy in bathrooms, garages and commercial offices, the sensors can be recessed into the ceiling and are very unobtrusive.

For outdoor sensors we recommend the Clipsal Infrascan as it has continually set the standard in automatic light switching for many years and has become the Australian leader in its field. The Clipsal Infrascan’s superior


design and IP66 rated build quality almost eliminates false activation’s, Clipsal back this up with an impressive 5 Year warranty.

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