Our Work

State Library of NSW Sydney City – Whole floor fit out – Notifier 2800 with I2000 EWIS, Sprinkler, Hydrant, Hose Reel and Extinguisher works

Complete demo and refit of levels 1 and 3 of the Macquarie Wing. Supply and installation of over 300 dry and wet new devices. Travel distances required a additional hydrant landing valve and hose reel to a new location, the old copper pipe was ted off and gal pipe run above the tile ceiling to the other side of the floor.

46-56 Kippax St Surry Hills – 12 Story whole building upgrade, office suites, fashion shops on ground floor – New Notifier 2800 FIP with 120W BOWS

Upgrade of entire Fire Alarm System from conventional to addressable and AS1668 fan controls at FIP.

Lobby refit design required that the fire panel be moved from next to lift to new cupboard in front of foyer and replaced, there was allot of faults with the current installation and the plan to break the floors up into suites meant that it was prudent to install a new addressable system and change all devices in the building as the floors are upgraded one floor at a time as the building is still occupied.

New Notifier 2800 FIP was fitted with addressable loop and conventional cards to run the occupied floors that have the old conventional detectors and as floors were reconfigured and refitted they were brought into the addressable loop with new addressable heads and Notifier SP100 speakers, much of the building has been done in a exposed ceiling style with heads and speakers fitted off the cable trays or in conduit painted black. 9 floors already completed.


Citibank Chatswood – whole branch fit out – Notifier 008, Fire trips and 30W BOWS, Portable fire fighting equipment

Works involved demolition of existing systems and installation of new while the branch was still trading, job was timed over 3 stages to allow the branch to continue trading and continue with back of house operations during the refit.


Level 14/ 133 Liverpool St Sydney CBD  –  Whole Floor demo and refit  –   Chubb NFP Addressable FIP and QE90 EWIS

This site had several challenges including a request from a bank that occupied the lower floors that there be no faults on the FIP and EWIS during the works, a extra challenge as the Chubb NFP uses proprietary software however the bank and building manager were delighted that we were able to carry out works with no faults left on the FIP or EWIS during the construction period.

This floor also had a mixture of ceiling finishes including exposed, grid, set and a feature ceiling with ply and laminated panels, all came up well and the black detectors and speakers disapeared into the exposed areas and looked great on the timber ceiling.


257 Clarence Street Sydney  –  Rectification works  –  Pertronic FIP and QE90 EWIS


Building had a base building fitout with no allowance made for partitions, rectification works carried out over 14 floors to bring building into compliance with AS1670 and BCA E2.2A, various other repairs including maintenance to EWIS and WIPs, over 100 addressable smoke detectors fitted throughout tenancies, in common areas and plant room.


Coogee House  – Hills home hub, Reliance 128 Alarm System, Kocom video intercom with handset by pool, access control


Liverpool Library – Dry fire systems for new bathrooms and rectification works throughout library –  Pertronic F100A FIP and Custom EWIS

Much of the rectification works were carried out after hours and involved using smaller EWPs as the only access was through the disabled ramp, these works were to repair dry systems that had been incorrectly installed by previous contractors. We also demolished and refitted new smoke and heat detectors as well as EWIS speakers in 3 sets of new bathrooms throughout the Library.


Sydney CBD Convenience store  –  Shop Fit Out –  Brooks Fire Tracker FIP.

Removal of smoke detectors and BOWS speakers prior to demo and refit new heads in new set ceiling with concealed space head also.


Supa Center Moore Park – Rectification, maintenance and shop fit out works – Firenet FIP with QE90 EWIS

Removal and replacement of all duct probes carried out along side mechanical contractor replacing fan coil units, fit outs of dry fire systems for various shops including Harvey Norman, King Furniture and Fantastic Furniture. All works carried out after hours.


Birkenhead Point – Office fit out  – Chubb NFP QE90 EWIS

Office fit out in heritage warehouse style in Birkenhead Point offices. Pipe work and dry fire systems removed before demo and refitted to new lay out in exposed timber, tile and set ceilings, concealed space detectors, sprinklers and a fire trip was also installed. Sprinkler pipes had to be dropped to take into account new ceilings and new ductwork. Client chose to have the red fire wire run exposed on the timber joists after painting to good effect.

Unfortunately the addressable loop on the floor and the floor above and below was full so we had to run the loop for the smoke detectors to a lower floor that had spare capacity for the extra detectors, another great thing about a addressable FIP as if this was a full conventional circuit we would have to run new cable all the way back to the fire panel which in this building would have been extremely difficult.


Vaucluse House – Aiphone Video Intercom

Aifone JF video intercom with Bosch alarm system installed throughout with automation.

Randwick Cafe – CCTV, Alarm System, Fire Extinguishers & Fire Blanket

4 Channel TVI DVR with 960H resolution day/night cameras and Hills Reliance Alarm. Portable fire fighting equipment to AS2444 and Smoke detectors and Occupant warning to AS1670

York Street Sydney CBD restaurant – Fire Protection systems for shop fit out – Notifier 2800 FIP and I2000 EWIS

This site used a combination of exposed ceilings and pressed metal set ceiling.

Bondi Cafe and large commercial kitchen  –  8 camera CCTV system Hills Reliance Alarm System Portable fire fighting equipment (extinguishers and blankets to AS2444)

Complete new fit out, large premises over 2 levels, Retail areas using high end finishes

Red Rooster – fire extinguisher service and install

Portable fire protection equipment installed to AS2444