Commercial & Industrial Security Services

concept_security_systemsWhen planning security for your business it is not just the issue of financial loss you have to consider but the disruption to your business and the safety of your employees.

The installation of a commercial security alarm in your factory, shop or office is vital in protecting your businesses property, inventory and providing a safe working environment for staff.

Future Safe Security & Fire recognises that every business is different and we design your system to suit your businesses security needs and budget regardless whether you are a small or large business. We will ensure that your individual security needs are met.

Back to base monitoring is the key link in commercial security. Not only to limit damage and loss in a break in but to provide vital police notification if a silent alarm is triggered.

Back to base monitoring is also a independent monitor of which user is and at what time they are accessing the premises, if as per your instructions its a unusual event we can call the nominated contact to keep you informed, logs of activity can also be emailed on a routine basis. Each user can have a different PIN code to recognise their entry and exit to the premises and therefore identifying the person who has turned the alarm system on or off. We can also inform you if the alarm has not been turned on or off at your normal time.

Permaconn or 3G back up dalliers can take your system to the next level as well as possibly reducing insurance premiums.

As part of our Quality Assurance policy all of our security alarms at FutureSafe exceed Australian Standard AS2201.
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