Fire Hose Reels

Fire_hose_reelFire Hose Reels are installed in many buildings,  inside and out. They are designed to assist building occupants extinguish a substantial A class fire or assist with evacuation.

FHR’s are generally required in a building when a fire compartment exceeds 500m2, they can be located anywhere on the outside of the building or inside with 4M of an exit. Fire hose reels should reach all areas within your building, taking into consideration obstacles such as desks, shelves or machinery.

FHR’s are not intended for general use as the rubber is easily damaged and should not be used for any other purpose other than fire fighting. When unwound and rewound by inexperienced users they often get tangled and do not re lock the nozzle.

FutureSafe can design, supply, install, maintain and certify fire hose reel systems, cabinets and UV resistant heavy duty PVC covers for all applications.

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