Passive Fire Systems

fire_door_mag_holder_install (2)Passive fire protection is a core component of structural fire protection and fire safety in a building, it’s designed to contain fire or prevent the spread while protecting key structural elements and escape paths of the building through the use of fire-resistant barriers such as doors, wall and ceiling systems both fyrchek and masonry, fire windows, dampers, stopping and shutters etc.

Passive fire systems can not only limit damage to a single compartment but give occupants of the building time to escape and fire fighters time to put out the fire before it spreads to the rest of the building.

In Australia, passive fire protection systems must comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and maintenance logs kept as specified in Australian Standard AS1805, 2005.

Commercial, industrial and residential buildings – existing properties and new developments.

FutureSafe provides all aspects of consultation, construction, testing and certification of passive fire and smoke containment systems call 9343 0033 or click here.


fire_door_mag_holder_install (1)

Our dry fire technicians install magnetic door holders activated by a fire trip on the fire indicator panel in a Sydney hotel