Environmental Policy

environmental_policyFully aware of its environmental responsibilities, Future Safe Security & Fire has embarked upon a policy of continuous improvement and full compliance with ISO 14001.
The policy is now part of Company General Policy. In concrete terms the policy is based on;
• When any new activity, product or process is introduced, a preliminary evaluation on its impact on the environment.
• Continuous assessment and monitoring of any significant environmental impact made by our activities on the local environment.
• Examination of any significant environmental impact made by our activities and determining if there is a better way.
• Implementation of the necessary measures to prevent and eliminate any accidental pollution or discharge into the environment.
• Continuous monitoring of MSDS for products used effect on the environment.

Measurements and Monitoring:
• Formulation and application of surveillance procedures in order to monitor compliance with FutureSafe’s Environmental Policy.
• Formulation of procedures and measures to be taken in the event of non-compliance with our Environmental Policy.
• Co-operation with the authorities in order to reduce the impact of all discharges into the environment to a minimum.
• Supplying all parties with the necessary information to understand the environmental impact of the Company’s activities.

Research and Development:
• Implementation and use of less polluting products, processes and procedures.

It is the management’s responsibility to ensure that this policy is understood and applied by everyone at all levels of the company.