EWIS & Occupant Warning Systems

Futuresafe_EWIS_MECPDepending on your building use and size dictates wether you require a Occupant Warning System (BOWS) that alerts occupants and may allow for public address of the whole building at once or a Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System (EWIS) which allows for alert and evacuation of the building in stages as well as public address of individual or all zones and a intercom system to warden points on each floor through the Warden Intercom Phones (WIP).

A EWIS system can also be used for the distribution of background music and general public address, a fire alarm will automatically disable these general use facilities during a fire alarm.

EWIS can now assist in building lockdowns as well, we can customise appropriate automated emergency messages to suit your site.

Emergency procedures should be devised and fire drills conducted to ensure all occupants are aware of what to do in the event of a fire or other emergency requiring evacuation.

FutureSafe can help you design, install and maintain to AS1851 your BOWS or EWIS equipment.