What is Home Automation?

Home automation is about using technology in ways that fits with and enhances your lifestyle through added comfort, convenience and security.

Done well, it adds to the enjoyment of your home while saving you time, and can help manage energy and water usage too. Virtually anything that powers up can be controlled from an elegantly simple touch panel or your phone or tablet interior and exterior lights, security system, CCTV, garden watering, music, air conditioning, blinds, you name it.


A simple example is one button on a touch panel beside the bed can ‘shut down’ the house at

night eg; dimming the lights throughout the house, turning off the music, and arming the security system downstairs. Upon hearing a strange noise outside, another button lights up the house exterior. Later, when nature calls, a third button gently lights your way to the bathroom.


Get allot of deliveries to your house?

What if when someone pressed the intercom it rang on your phone and you could speak to the caller from anywhere you have mobile coverage yet they are none the wiser you are not there and you can even open doors, gates or garages for the driver to drop packages off using a app

on your phone or tablet. House guest coming over? no need to leave a key under the mat, you can let them in, disarm your alarm, turn on the lights and air conditioning remotely when they press the intercom.



Simple solutions that just make things easy and give peace of mind.


With new z wave technology in systems such as the Ness M1, Ness Smart Living and Honeywell Tuxedo, automation

just got a whole lot easier for existing homes too as z wave is wireless  and operates on your home wi fi network meaning we don’t have to run a wire to every system or light you want to control.

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