Quality Assurance Policy

FutureSafe Security & Fire is committed to sustaining and improving our high quality of fire and security services provided to our clients based on professionalism, technical excellence, care, attention and accountability by complying with the relevant Building Code of Australia regulations and Australian Standards.

FutureSafe Security & Fire will ensure this quality policy is understood and implemented by all employees and contractors through regular coaching by management, internal audits, monitoring and assessment. A high standard of technical skill will be maintained throughout the organisation together with a high level of compliance with the organisation’s processes and procedures.

We will provide documented assurance to organisational management, employees, contractors and customers that the service is being provided in a consistent, professional, technically competent, effective and efficient manner.

We will achieve this by:

  • making the process of servicing your fire and security assets as simple and as easy as possible, without compromising technical quality or compliance
  • providing the name and means of contact of the job manager who is dealing with your site
  • treating all clients impartially, fairly, courteously and respectfully
  • responding promptly to service issues and other requirements of our clients
  • providing a friendly and inviting atmosphere for clients, employees and contractors
  • promoting integrity, honesty and professionalism as key elements of all aspects of our business activities and relationships
  • ensuring that all parts used meets Australian Standards and where relevant are certified by ActiveFire
  • ensuring that all of our work meets requirements of the relevant BCA and Australian Standards
  • Having WHS policy’s in place to ensure a safe and efficient workplace
  • valuing all clients and developing and maintaining good working relationships with clients, suppliers, contractors and regulatory bodies
  • processing all as builts drawings and manuals to be finished by handover
  • ensuring that all work undertaken is within the identified technical competency and capability of appropriate employees and contractors.

To meet these objectives, Future Safe Security & Fire applies the quality assurance system outlined in this quality assurance policy.

Conformance with the requirements of the appropriate detailed procedures outlined in this quality assurance system is a requirement for all employees and contractors engaged in the provision of building consent authority services.